Tromsø World 2023: GHETTO KUMBÉ (CO)

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Thursday, 02. November 2023
Venue: Lillescenen, Kulturhuset
Doors: 18:30
Show: 19:00

The Colombian trio Ghetto Kumbé is calling on people from all around the world to rise up, and join their digital rumba. Their almost ritualistic concerts are based on a powerful blend of percussion, Caribbean house beats and traditional afro Colombian rhythms inspired by West Africa. The Colombian alegre drum and African djembe played by Juan Carlos “Chongo” Puello and the dundun played by Andrés “DocKey” Mercado intertwine, while Edgardo “Guajiro” Garcés mixes electronic beats and samples. Before the band was founded in Bogotá in 2015, the three musicians played together on tour for years with bands like the legendary fusion pioneers Sidestepper or the Salsa band La 33.

Edgardo “Guajiro” Garcés mixes electronic beats and samples. Intertwine with the dundun played by Andrés “DocKey” Mercado, while the Colombian alegre drum and African djembe played by Miguel Guerra Guerrero.

All three musicians hail from the Caribbean coast, and in Ghetto Kumbé, they use musical motifs from Africa and Colombia’s Caribbean coast, coupled with electronic production, creating Afro-futurist soundscapes.

Inspired by different revolutionary movements emerging all over the world, Ghetto Kumbé have become one of the most important bands on the alternative Colombian scene. They have played killer sets at some of the biggest festivals in Europe, such as Roskilde and Glastonbury. Dressed in fluorescent masks, their concerts are both otherworldly and grounded in uncomfortable realities. They address the unjust divide between the poor and the rich, the rising prominence of dirty politicians, and the ethics of the capitalist system. When Ghetto Kumbé performs, the will to protest meets the urge to dance.

Do we need to mention that they are coming for the first time in our city?


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